Pure-Blood Guild Fun Runs

Pureheals and I decided to arrange returning weekly flag/raid runs for especially new but also not-yet-flagged guildies.

We run heroic norm – that way lvl is no matter, as people still can get their xp from hard and elite.

The runs are set as fun and educative runs – no rush.

Our first run was VON Flagging and then the two raid parts VON 5 and 6.

Success of cause, as we had some high lvl toons.

Pictures beneath:

Todays group was: Bloodlickr, Pureheals, Librasulus, Trein, Kyloor, Radzax, Brewmaster and Sezneg.

Guild flagging group pic 2

#1 – around the corner from VON entrance

Guild flagging von pic 2

# 2 Before endfight in VON 5

Guild dragon

# 3 After defeating Velah the Dragon in VON 6


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