When magic fails

It is fun and usefull having a character that can yield scrolls!!!

But magic has its own mind and is not always to trust!

When magic fails – a normally earthbound dwarf can see things from all new perspectives 🙂





Bloodlickr lvl 30 Defender build – Gear setup

This post will mainly show my first choice gear setup – Please feel free to comment and advise on changes!!!


HelmGogglesArmorBracersRing 2BootsGlovesRing 1BeltCloakTrinketNeck


I carry more handaxes in case they should break

Main Tanking: LGS with + 15 con and + 7 insightfull con (will add +2 exceptional con)

Thunderforged for dmg and support

GS just in case – will be swapped with time

Weapons and shield

LGS Handaxe +22conHandaxe TF mainShield

Blooclikr lvl 30 Defender build

Following link will show build in writing – beneith i’ll visualize the build by screens from ingame 🙂

The build is made for my fun sololy – focus placed on hp, survivability and dmg mitigation!

Dps is not good, but reasonable 🙂

Atm farming to enhance gear and swappability for dps/tank modes

Tank wise: New quests EE, LTempest, LShroud, Deathwyrm, FoTP no problem with aggro and sustaining dmg at all! 🙂

Blood – Defender Parody – 12brd, 6ftr, 2rog

Stat sheetHit point sheet

Defence sheet

Attack bonus sheet

Weapon power sheet

Spell power sheet

Spells sheet


Feats 1Feats 2Feats 3Feats 4Feats 5Feats 6Feats 7Feats 8Feats 9


Enhancements sheet 1Enhancements sheet 2Enhancements sheet 3


Skills sheet 1Skills sheet 2Skills sheet 3

Epic Destiny and Twists of fate:

Epic Destiny Tree

Twists of fate 1

Twists of fate 2

LVL 30!!!!!


I hit lvl 30 today for the first time on my defender build 😀

Whopping 2401hp with lvl 20 gear only!!!!!

Waiting for the worlds to reopen, so I can start stripping and reslotting gear augments – and then equip Bloodlickr with lvl 27-30 gear for the final result 😀

There will be a new build and gear post when Blood is finished in the dressing room 😉

Milestone surpassed!!! (Epic Completionist)

And today it happened….

After years of hard physical and mental training Bloodlickr breached the barrier of the 12 highly enlightening reincarnations!

Well helped by his monk and palladin spiritual guiders Bloodlickr has broadened his mind and hardened his body beyond imagination!

On it goes with new adventures – so he can test his new skill level and help where help is needed!


Finally :D

Today Bloodlickr hit lvl 30 for the first time after the new lvl 30 cap was implemented!!!

Exited to ETR/HTR so I can get back on the defender build!!!

BUT……. I’ll stay on this lvl 30 barbarian for a bit – just to farm the Legendary Shroud 😀

Am already not far away from being able to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier augment – so it’s worth it waiting 😀

Even though the stat on weapon combo is not desirable I am still going with it! I am playing DDO for mere fun! And an item with +24 con total frees up gear slots and will push Bloodlickr towards my goal of static 3000 HP!

More reasonable LGS items will have to follow later 😀